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Geese Will Still a Common Lack

Over four centuries ago the College Green at Goldsmiths, University of London was an open field, with few buildings in sight and sheeps grazing. During the peak of the Enclosures, the estate was purchased with funds from the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers, the very organization benefiting from the onset of privatized land in the United Kingdom. How has the Green evolved into the form we see today? Over the years the land has been inhabited by mercantile, charitable, naval, financial, and finally an educational institution. While it now serves the Goldsmiths community as a place of rest and leisure, it is imbued with issues of privatization, accessibility, and the dramatic shifts in estates management in higher education. Geese Will Still a Common Lack is an audio piece which transports the listener back in time, tracing the College Green’s lineage to reflect on the history of Goldsmiths’ campus and the surrounding area.

Geese Will Still a Common Lack is part of the Gold Assays Live Project of the Centre for Research Architecture 2018-19.

Geese Will Still a Common Lack - Audio Guide - 2018
In collaboration with Tara Plath